In the traditional medicine of Thailand, Life Force Energy flows through energetic pathways called Sen (Qi for Chinese and Prana for Indians). Thai-Way Body as massage practice, focuses on the main pathways of Sen and it is applied by using pressure with hands, arms or elbows and hot herbal compresses which are ideal for soothing muscles.

The benefits of Thai-Way Body Revitalize:

  •  Moves stagnant energy. When Sen channels are free, you feel happy, calm, energetic and relieved from stiffness and pain.
  •  Relieves headaches and sinusitis
  •  Improves the blood pressure and the physical & mental health in general
  •  Relieves from respiratory and digestive disorders, back, neck, feet pains, and contributes to the restoration of motion at muscles and joints

There are two “key” questions that will help you decide whether Thai-Way Body Revitalize massage therapy fits you:

  •  Would you like to enjoy the benefits of yoga without having to do a thing on your own, rather than “pathetic yoga”?
  •  Do you listen to your body asking you: “touch me”, “stretch me”, “hold me”, “listen to me”, “comfort me”, “squeeze me”, “treat me”?

If the question is YES in at least one of the two, then the Thai-Way Body Revitalize that we apply at Life Enlightening Project is exactly what you need!


Thai-Way Foot & Hand Revitalize is a traditional treatment that makes use of Thai massage practices in order to offer a more pleasant, revitalizing, relaxing, therapeutic treatment for body, soul and mind.
The aim of this session is to challenge wellness and calmness, prevent diseases and help the patient achieve inner balance and harmony.

With Thai-Way Foot Massage the energy that is blocked in the meridians gets released and the flow at Sen channel becomes smoother (in the traditional medicine of Thailand, Life Force Energy flows through energetic pathways called Sen -similar to Qi for Chinese and Prana for Indians). By applying massages movements with thumbs, arms or the hand palms, we stimulate the pressure points and release the muscle tension of the ankles, calves and knees.

The experience of absolute relaxation, relief and wellness, gets completed when thai-massage is applied on hands. With the use of similar techniques, tension from everyday life activities is removed, their softness, elasticity and flow of energy from and to the body gets restored through the limbs.

Thai massage techniques for limbs (hands and feet) offer even greater benefits:

  •  Relief from Muscle-skeletal pains, body cleansing and reduction of swelling through the detox level achieved
  •  Stimulation of the lymphatic system, better blood flow and improvement of the immune system
  •  Less fatigue, headaches/migraines and reduction of mood disorders
  •  Reduction of pains and stiffness caused by exercising, sports or occupation that demands intensive use of limbs

Thai Foot Massage is not relevant to Reflexology.

Thai Foot Massage has its origins deeper in the past and its techniques are said to be secrets, carefully kept by Buddhist monks who perceived massage as a sacred art that promotes inner health, releases wellness and harmony.

Reflexology applies pressure on particular points of feet which are connected to specific organs or glands of the human body. Various pathologies get treated via those pressures.


When you feel the two “opposite” limbs light, free of “heavy” energy, then you are active, productive, energetic and sharp in your everyday life. This is exactly how the experience of Foot, Head and Neck Massage feels like at Life Enlightening Project. You will feel deep wellness and calmness at the whole of your being: body, mind, feelings.


With this extremely refreshing and revitalizing treatment, we combine the wisdom & tradition of East, about the health and wellness of the two limbs of the body – face and feet.

With the appropriate massage movements applied on every area, we release the stagnant energy, achieving the relief of muscle tension and feeling of wellness.

More specifically about the face, the application of Gua Sha is an excellent tool of cosmetic treatment for the stimulation of blood circulation which when combined with techniques of Rejuvance, restores the elasticity of tissues and makes the skin shining again.

In addition, with the session of Foot Massage with Facial Gua Sha Rejuvance you will experience a “recharge” of the whole of your being and an explosion of the vitality that transfers oxygen to your cells. At a level where you will regularly ask for it!


Massage strokes at the neck and head, relieve the muscle and energy tension of the area – from the shoulders and the base of the neck, higher to the head and the forehead.

The Head & Neck Massage that you will receive at Life Enlightening Project, works in depth, giving you in return a sense of calmness, spiritual, mental and physical.


Relaxing massage involves different styles of pressure in order to improve blood circulation, relieve the muscles and let go of the body tension – which results to the feeling of deep relaxation and improvement of physical and mental health that you experience at the end of the session.

  • The pressure of deep relaxing massage is ideal for:
     The release of muscle tension that is created due to the extensive use of keyboard and long days of sitting at a desk
  •  The relief from muscle cramps, spasms and the dissolution of nodules made up from extensive muscle tension
  •  The calmness of the nervous system and the reduction of tension, stress and depression
  •  The reduction of emotional and physical stress
  •  The improvement of blood circulation through the increased flow of oxygen in blood
  •  Maintenance of the elastic tissues, tendons and ligaments, to make you feel more energetic
  •  The activation of the lymphatic system and body detox
  •  Taking control of pain, arthritis or sciatica