At Life Enlightening Project our pursuit is to help people live on their best possible and “brightest” version.

Nikos Ntoupis, Founder of Life Enlightening Project and Holistic Wellness Mentor, states the following regarding his Vision: “My deepest desire through Life Enlightening Project, is to connect the World. Connect people of different cultures, religions, races, at the level of heart. When people get connected at this level, nothing can break them apart, rather than bring them together”.

Through dialectic and sessions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Massage, In-Water therapies, Meditation and organized retreats, the patient makes his steps towards the “Method of Synthetic Self-Awareness & Self-Healing” that Nikos Ntoupis has put together. The aim is for the patient to become motivated and empowered to allow his connection with the seamless flow of force energy that lays within and around us.

  • Through the Method of Synthetic Self-Awareness & Self-Healing the practitioners – patients:
  • Get to know, connect and enjoy this connection with their true self – Divine Self
  •  Accept and understand the lower frequencies of connection with their Ego (Ego- Lower Self)
  •  Through all of their senses, they get in touch with Nature but their own nature too
  •  They express their deepest thought and surrender entirely to it
  •  Trust, open up, express their feelings, familiarize with their peculiarities and talents and connect in order to treat any kind of disorder
  •  Express their hidden feelings
  •  Learn how to take care of themselves
  •  Face and love their deepest fears
  •  Learn what a balanced nutrition consists of
  •  Practice on a daily basis simple breathing techniques of concentration, calmness, relaxation, wellness and treatment
  •  Consider mediation as something simple and refreshing and add this in their daily habits
  •  Understand that in Life you don’t get what you deserve but what you negotiate

We would like you to know:

Me and my partners, commit that at Life Enlightening Project we will share:

  •  Our love for nature, the sweetness and healing power of Mother Earth
  •  What it means to be healthy and happy with what we already have
  •  The uniqueness that lays within every single one of us and how we make use of it
  •  Solidarity, mutual help, love for fellow human beings
  •  The ability everyone has to transform and develop

Nikos Ntoupis

Founder of life Enlightening Project and Holistic Wellness Mentor