Through Reiki treatment, a path opens up to the recipient that leads to a deeper understanding of himself as a whole and acts as a connection between him and existence until he feels part of a coherent whole.
With the use of “Universal Life Force Energy” (which is the Japanese name for Reiki), we gain effect on the cause of an issue but also on the issue itself. If your thoughts and feelings have got you into an uncomfortable situation, with Reiki you can change this while also in parallel transform the thoughts and feelings that led you in that situation.

In addition, the treatment of Universal Life Force Energy helps beings with low energy levels,
retrieve their liveliness and vitality, by enhancing their health and improving their daily life.

  •   At Life Enlightening Project we apply Usui Reiki as a self-healing treatment which, per case and under conditions, can be combined with other healing treatments or act as a complement to them
  •  We acknowledge that Love, Compassion and Reiki teach us how to regain harmony and wholeness and we accept that every single one of us is unique and master of his own healing treatment
  •  The treatments we apply are in compliance with the Soul Plan of each participant and we do not intervene in that


The human body consists of pure Spiritual Energy and Chakras are the energy centers that welcome, collect and spread this energy (Force of Life).
Chakras, these wheels of spinning energy, influence highly your life, the way you love, your understanding and wisdom, while acting as the connection link among our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

When your wheels are aligned, the flow of energy in your body is smooth and you get to enjoy a well-balanced self. However, feelings and beliefs that you generate, may cause blockages in this flow and make you experience physical or emotional imbalances with higher or lower impact in your life.

  •  There are seven major chakras and each one is associated with a specific chakra color that reflects the type of vibration or frequency radiating through every chakra.


  •  In chakra balancing treatment, we work with White Light Healing Energy to detect where the blockage in your energy flow is. When we do so, we bring back harmony, balance and make them operate at their highest frequency through the enhancement of their vibration.


  • The treatments we apply are in compliance with the Soul Plan of each participant and we do not intervene in that.


This healing treatment aims to help the recipient unfold his highest nature, re-call the sense of connectedness with the Universe and bring back down to the ground the spiritual Force of Life that lays within. This, feels and it is experienced as a secure situation where the harmony of the mind, body and spirit reunite.

Sacred Encounter treatment, is a combination of techniques that unlock the flow of energy through the body channels until the patient reaches a deep level of inner peace, remains “alone”, discovering himself.