Cosmetic Acupuncture effects are not confined to the aesthetic part of a body. This treatment contributes greatly to the improvement of the overall energy and health of the person being healed and brings out his innate beauty and radiance.

Considering that an imbalance in our inner energy flow can lead to skin disorders, in the practice of Cosmetic Acupuncture we treat these superficial issues as one with what lays “underneath” them.
Having said that, the best possible outcome will not come only as a result of treating locally the area affected by the disorder, but through a treatment which restores the balance and flow of energy that causes the issue. This, might also include diet adjustment, daily exercise or a way of life that gives you greater access to your inner peace.

Cosmetic Acupuncture results also in better blood circulation, nutrition, hydration and circulation of the rest of body fluids without the stagnation of dampness (that might lead to swollen look). That gives us the opportunity to work on imbalances such as cellulite and obesity.

Especially for cellulite: Cellulite, reflects a disharmony in the distribution of body fat and a disfunction of the adipose in certain points. So, on one hand we have an excessive amount of fat and on the other, its poor circulation.

The application of Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment, locally, at the points where cellulite is, has particularly good results, because through this practice any energy imbalance that causes the “orange peel” appearance is released and restored. In addition, in Cosmetic Acupuncture when deemed necessary, Cupping therapy can also be applied locally to improve blood circulation and release the flow of energy that distributes body fat throughout. These treatments, break up the cellulite and make the texture of your skin smooth again.

Especially for obesity: Obesity might occur due to slow metabolism or bulimia – a disease highly associated with the modern way of living. At Life Enlightening Project, it is our responsibility to inform you that acupuncture treatment is effective for some period of time however, it is highly recommended to also adopt habits that will holistically help your body respond to weight loss. As a result, the fight of bulimia and weight loss, require a long-term treatment that goes along with a change of your eating habits or even your lifestyle.

  •  Neurodermatitis and
  • eczema
  •  Acne
  •  Psoriasis
  • Warts
  •  Alopecia
  •  Hair Loss
  •  Excessive sweating
  •  Hot flashes, sweating
  • Urticaria

Together with the trust of participants in our Life Enlightening Project treatments, we have achieved optimal results in the fight of cellulite or obesity!


This therapeutic technique (Gua Sha) is another great tool of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through technical adjustments (and without scraping which is applied only for treatments of the main body), is recommended as facial treatment, with great lifting results!

With the use of a variety of tools, in terms of materials and functions, we achieve a better flow through the acupuncture meridians, improvement of the blood flow and rich tissue oxygenation and nutrition for your face.

The disappearance of wrinkles is immediate as well as the eyelid, eyebrows and sagging jowls lift is – results that not only are maintained but also get improved by regular repetition of the treatment.

Having consistent facial lifting Gua Sha treatments, you begin the healing process of skin disorders from what lays“underneath” them, by activating collagen production to diminish wrinkles.

At Life Enlightening Project we know and apply a variety of traditional and innovative face & body “lifting” techniques, which we recommend after discussing with the recipient of the treatment:

  •  Fire cupping – a heated cup stimulates lymph drainage and micro circulation to remove cellulite
  •  Cup with rubber pump – therapeutic application of a certain high-quality rubber cup that stimulates lymph drainage and micro circulation to remove cellulite
  •  Moving cup on the face (cupping massage) – facial rejuvenation technique with moving high quality rubber cups
  •  Skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid
  •  Fine wrinkle treatment with needles – minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with certain needles used in a Cosmetic Acupuncture
  •  Plum – blossom tapping for puffy eyelids – technique to decrease puffiness under the eyes (bags)
  •  Plum – blossom tapping for firming the chin – technique to tighten sagging jowls and eliminate double chin
  •  Plum – blossom tapping for firming the abdomen – technique for the elimination of excess fat at the area of abdomen
  •  Breast lifting with needles