With Ηatha / Kundalini / Kriya Yoga we describe a natural and spiritual practice of the Yoga system which aims to calm body & mind and improve the human consciousness, intuition and familiarization with our divine Self. By practicing Ηatha / Kundalini / Kriya Yoga we aim for greater physical and psychological well-being and to activate our Kundalini energy – the spiritual energy located at the base of our spine. Thus, the practice of kundalini is filled with really challenging breath exercises coupled with asanas.

Consciously breathing in Ηatha / Kundalini / Kriya Yoga:

It is a sacred process that involves consciousness. While inhaling, we intake not only oxygen but also life force energy (Prana or Chi). When exhaling, we feel relieved from the body toxins – emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.

The calmness and well-being that comes along with Yoga can turn into a way of life, not necessarily by allocating time to practice Yoga in everyday life, but by applying the yoga-way in all of your daily activities. Educating your mind to consider the yoga guidelines before acting will get you one step further with stability and decisiveness!

See below what you could improve with the practice of Yoga. The table refers to diseases that occur in our physical, emotional and mental body.


Φυσικές ασθένειεςΨυχικά & Συναισθηματικά Προβλήματα
Weakness (physical)Stress
High/low blood pressureAnger
Back pain, Musculoskeletal pain,
arthritis, spondylolisthesis
Weak heart, ObesityImpatience
Indigestion, InsomniaNightmares
Respiratory disorders,
prostate problems, hemorrhoids
Shame, Guilt, Mourning, Apathy


Fire breathing – a technique practiced through the nostrils or mouth – is a common practice widely applied with the aim of this Kriya Yoga session being to find a steady connection to Spirit. It is intense, rhythmic, cleanses deeply the lungs and sinuses, energizes the body and helps the mind to heal and build strength.

When done right and in combination with the asanas of Hatha / Kundalini / Kriya Yoga, within a few weeks you will begin feeling your body and its lightness. Your mind will turn more quiet, clean and bright, your nervous and immune systems will strengthen, your body will release toxins from the lungs and blood vessels, your Life Force Energy and physical endurance will increase. You will act effectively with a “fully charged” feeling of the area and organs connected to the navel chakra while it will also help you overcome desires for addictive habits (drugs, smoking, alcohol, bad foods). In an upper spiritual level, the Breath of Fire is a breath which burns away all diseases and karma and makes us more aware of our inner shelf.


Τhis meditation is used for the cleansing of our feelings, consciousness and perception we have for ourselves as well as for the restoration of our health at a deep cellular and emotional level. It is a simple but powerful treatment that can be practiced in order to neutralize negative vibrations and result to a behavioral change, purity of mind, holistic development of personality and the power of will.

Preksha mediation leads to a balanced, happy and peaceful life. It helps you connect deeply with your soul, reach a state of super consciousness and an increased concentration with long lasting benefits.

It is proved that defeats stress and diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, mental disorders, cancer and a series of psychosomatic disorders.


Considering the importance of breathing in maintaining a healthy mind, body and feelings, at Life Enlightening Project we have a created a therapeutic session out of breathing exercises, aiming to help you practice conscious breathing. Through breathing techniques, you can conquer “the art of breathing”, your Life-Force awakes and you can channel this consciously and intentionally to your body. By practicing, you activate your health and while through a brand new, super consciousness state, you unlock your full potential.

  •  Regarding conscious breathing: It is a sacred process that involves consciousness. While inhaling, we intake not only oxygen but also life force energy (Prana or Chi). When exhaling, we feel relieved from the body toxins – emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.
  •  Regarding the importance of your breath: Mainly, we tend to breathe through our mouth, ignoring the use of diaphragm. This action carries only a low amount of oxygen to the lungs. As a result, in the long run, our energy and antibodies fade.
    The most important phase of breathing is not inhaling but the opposite. The greater the amount of air that we exhale, the more the amount of fresh air our lungs will be able to intake. This is exactly the reason why yoga practices aim to double the exhaling times vs the inhaling ones.

The full breathing happens through the nose, with the mouth shut and the diaphragm pushing down while inhaling. This behavior during the inhalation massages the abdominal organs, while during the exhalation massages our heart. Breath is ideal for relaxing, concentrating and of course, meditating. The ideal scenario is to make the right way of breathing a way of life instead of practicing it only a few minutes per day.

Key take outs from breathing works include:

  •  Lower heart rate
  •  A calm Nervous System
  •  Lung ventilation
  •  Increased oxygen in blood
  •  Greater concertation and clarity of mind
  •  Sense of tranquility and confidence
  •  Lower blood pressure
  •  Smooth operation of the digestive system
  •  Stronger immune system
  •  Holistic rejuvenation


You like to meditate; however, you find it hard to stick to a group-schedule while also you need to practice on own, certain issues and heal them.
At Life Enlightening Project, we fit meditation time within your plan considering your preferences and needs.

  •   At Life Enlightening Project, we have an expertise in our treatments, achieved a level of excellence in their application and we practice them responsibly.
  •  Especially at private meditation sessions, we treat and guide the patient responsibly, with respect towards him and the process.
  • The treatments we apply are in compliance with the Soul Plan of each participant and we do not intervene in that.