This aqua therapy, could be called “the absolute relaxation experience” or “when you knew that everything has been taken care of for you”.

This session recalls the sense of being in the uterus and that way, awakes the feeling of security, well-being and freedom.

With the help of the therapist and while the body lays on the hot water making only the necessary moves smoothly, the eyes close and turn the attention “inwardly”. The liquid element relaxes the muscles and joints, while its high temperature helps the patient build trust in the process, clear his mind and feelings. The meditation environment is there waiting for you to enjoy it and get closer to your true self – Divine Self.

Aquatic Bodywork can be applied to anyone regardless the age and even if the participant won’t let himself free to enjoy the holistic experience, he can take advantage of the muscle pain relief.
Through massage techniques while in the water, and body movements that would not be possible without the force of buoyancy, by the end of the therapy you will feel “brand new”!

Advantages of Aquatic Bodywork sessions:

  • Physically:
     Less pain and relief of the spine
  •  Less muscle spasms, better movement and performance of joints
  •  Lower heart rate and improved breathing
  •  Stimulation of the immune system and better digestion
  •  Ideal therapy focusing on personal development
  •  Let go of control and recall trust, love, calmness and internal harmony
  •  Prevention and management of daily stress, restoration of harmony between body and soul
  •  Improvement of the sleeping way and any sleeping disorders
  •  Emotional and psychological well-being and rebirth


While you follow guidance from the therapist on how to relax and lay on the water, the absence of gravity will make you experience pregnancy from an alternative point of view.
The massage you receive based on specific needs you may have, makes you feel relieved and gives you the opportunity to let go of stress and anxiety, while creating a sense of positive anticipation for the moment of birth.
On another level, the session takes place in an environment similar to the one of uterus, making you connect greatly with the baby since you feel as it does.

Aquatic Bodywork can take place at any stage unless the gynecologist who overviews your pregnancy advise otherwise.


When you feel the two “opposite” limbs light, free of “heavy” energy, then you are active, productive, energetic and sharp in your everyday life.
This refreshment turns even more intense when you massage your feet and head inside warm water.
With Aquatic Head & Food Massage, while you lay totally relaxed on the water, welcoming the relief in your muscles and joints, your therapist will apply the relevant massage techniques -according to your needs- and turn the session into a unique experience of deep wellness and calmness for your whole being: body, mind, feelings.